The Caramella Girls game released only for the iOS, is a rhythm-based game, with mechanics similar to the "Project Diva" series and the "PaRappa the Rapper" series.

The game's official trailer

The game's official trailer

Gameplay: Edit

The player must tap the correct pattern of icons, ranging from triangles, circles, squares and Xs according to the beat, copying the Caramella Girls moves. The player must fill the power meter in order to win. When the player misses a move, he will lose power, and if the power meter reaches 0 it's game over.

Sometimes, the player needs to tap a star in order to fill the power meter up

Difficulties: Edit

The difficulty depends on the girl you choose at the begining of the game

Easy: Mindy

Medium: Véra

Hard: Nadine

In the hardest difficulties, sometimes the player needs to tap 2 buttons at the same time in order to progress through the game, which can be quite a challenge sometimes

Gameplay Video Edit

Caramelldansen (Caramellagirls GAME)

Caramelldansen (Caramellagirls GAME)